Our services are tailored to suit the unique challenge of each client and centre around the delivery of the following:

The Development of strategy for the monetisation of natural resource assets.

In order to maximize your return from your natural resources, it is critical that a strategic approach be taken from the outset. We have advised both Public and Private institutions in this regard, including the development of a gas master plan.

Provision of advice on the development of regulatory frameworks and industry structure.

The successful implementation of your strategy hinges on a robust regulatory framework and the optimal structuring of the overall industry. Based on our experience, and your specific requirements and context, we provide advice and guidance to ensure that these are properly developed.

Execution of in-depth market analysis of energy and energy-related industries, value chain analysis and forecasting to determine new growth nodes and linkages between sectors.

We help you to identify and understand where the real value is in a project. This includes value chain analysis to determine new growth nodes and existing and potential linkages between sectors.

 Conducting of economic evaluations.

Understanding the financial return that can come out of a project reaps a host of benefits – you are able to undertake more effective macro-planning, optimise resource allocation, prioritise competing initiatives, to name a few.

Risk Assessment of complex ventures.

Whilst a project might appear to be lucrative, it can only be so if proper risk mitigation strategies are put in place. We undertake thorough risk assessments of projects, to facilitate proactive risk management and thereby maximise success.

 Feasibility studies for petroleum and petroleum-related projects.

Not all that glitters is gold. We undertake comprehensive analyses to assist you in determining the extent of feasibility of your potential projects.



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