Conducting of economic evaluations.

Risk Assessment of complex ventures.

Feasibility studies for petroleum and petroleum-related projects.

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Royal Triangle Energy Solutions Company Limited is a consultancy firm that formulates innovative strategies for nations and companies seeking to monetise their natural resources.

Led by Principal Consultant and President Eric A. Williams, the impressive team of associates has first-hand knowledge and experience in project development, project management, and financing for initiatives in the full value chain of natural resource development and in power sector projects. The team also advises policy makers on the development of regulatory frameworks and local content initiatives.

Further, having served in both the public and the private sectors, team members are also equipped to offer unique perspectives on the navigation of complex international negotiations.

Core philosophy


In a quote made by the late Dr. Eric Eustace Williams, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, at the 1977 commissioning of the construction of the iron and steel complex at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Dr. Williams basically summarized Trinidad and Tobago’s approach to development as resource based industrialization by invitation.

“There were attempts to persuade us that the simplest and easiest thing to do would be to export our oil, export our gas, do nothing else and just receive the revenues derived from such exports and lead a life of luxury, at least for a limited period. This the government has completely rejected, for it amounts to putting the entire nation on the dole. Instead we have taken the more difficult road and that is—accepting the challenge of entering the world of steel, aluminum, methanol, fertilizer, petrochemicals, in spite of our smallness and in spite of our existing level of technology.”

Today, the twin-island state’s success in utilizing its petroleum assets to drive economic growth and development in the non-petroleum sectors of its economy is well known and is acknowledged in the international oil and gas trade as the “Trinidad and Tobago Model” of development.



We aim to partner with our clients to unlock value and create wealth for the benefit of their stakeholders.



To provide game changing strategic solutions for our clients seeking to monetise their natural resources and leverage them as socio-economic growth nodes for their shareholders and stakeholders.

Our Services include

Development of natural resource asset strategy

Energy Industry specific advice, In-depth market analysis

Economic evaluations

Risk assessment

value chain analysis and forecasting to determine new growth nodes and linkages between sectors.

Petroleum feasibility studies

Royal Triangle Energy

Royal Triangle Energy Solutions Company Limited, is a consultancy firm that formulates innovative and game-changing strategies for nations and companies seeking to monetise their natural resources.

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